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The current version is dated 13 November 2018.

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There is convincing data showing that a small reduction in impact speed leads to a relatively big reduction in road fatalities.

There is great interest at present in AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking). With it, a car detects an obstacle and brakes itself, without a command from the driver.

A small reduction in travelling speed, or braking earlier by a fraction of a second, or a small improvement in strength of braking - any of these, whether achieved by AEB or by other means, will greatly reduce road fatalities.

Safety testing of vehicles is an important part of the total road safety system. It includes AEB testing, and impact testing in which an instrumented head-form (representing a pedestrian’s head) strikes a car’s exterior.

It is desirable for test results to be of some relevance in conditions other than those directly tested.

The above matters are dealt with in this book. They are the nearest the author can get to a useful road safety theory. Explanations of the mistakes and misbehaviours of people on the roads are not given.

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